Muhammad Tahir Lakhani — Dubai Trading Agency LLC

Mr. Muhammad Tahir Lakhani, born on 27th April 1962 in Karachi Pakistan, is a renowned Businessman in the shipping industry. He is a member of the Propeller Club of the United States. He established his ship recycling business in Dubai. He is elected as the Chairman and the Managing Director of his own company named Dubai Trading Agency LLC (DTA) Dubai, UAE.

Although he is connected with a very respected family still after moving to Dubai, he never left a stone unturned to represent Dubai on an international level for maritime trade and logistics. Mr. Tahir Lakhani performed as the Vice Chairman of the UAE Shipping Association until 2019 & represented Dubai.

Mr. Tahir Lakhani had a firm choice to select the shipping industry as his career and decided to explore it at his very early age. In his 20s, he started working in the ship recycling yard of a close friend in Pakistan. He spent 3 years at his close friend’s yard in Pakistan. With a tough schedule of 8 am to 8 pm on ships, instead of being exhausted, Mr. Lakhani always gave remarkable performance at his workplace with all dedication. His work was to supervise the cut steel plates and then these plates were commonly sold on-site to traders.

His tenure of involvement in the shipping industry made him encouraged to work on a bigger level so he chose to move on from Pakistan and Dubai was his next stop to start his business. In the year 1985, Mr. Tahir Lakhani started his business buying old ships and then selling them on to the recycling yards for decommissioning. At the time, Mr. Tahir Lakhani was the first “cash buyer” in the UAE to set up and to operate it wisely. In a span of a few years till 1997, he became very successful operating his business because he was the biggest businessman dealing in ships worldwide as a “cash buyer”. On an average, 100 ships were used to be bought & sold in a year and it was like impossible for anyone else but he made it possible.

In 1996, the purchase of three ex-Adriatic Tankers VLCC’s in international waters off the UAE and delivering them to breakers in Pakistan was the biggest ship demolition deals ever made by him. By 1999, he considered an international platform for ship recycling business so he took the decision to move to the UK with his family and started working to build his industry connections.

In 2009, Mr Tahir Lakhani Dubaibecame a British Citizen and continued to visit Dubai on a regular basis, expanding the business in both volume and scale, eventually moving back in 2014.

He is a member of the Propeller Club of the United States and Port of Monaco. Mr Muhammad Tahir Lakhani continues to play an important role in promoting the UAE as an important regional and international hub for maritime trade and logistics.

Mr. Muhammad Tahir Lakhani represented Pakistan at the Davis Cup. Since his young age, he has been a keen sportsman and took part in tennis at a very professional level. He played Junior Wimbledon in tennis as another major achievement of his life.



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Muhammad Tahir Lakhani

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani is the Chairman and Managing Director of (DTA) Dubai Trading Agency LLC, Dubai UAE.